Set-Up Starts in 7 days!

Time is ticking down to Spree Wales 2019 - wristbands have been purchased, new activities are being ordered (anyone fancy skateboarding?!) and various storage lock-ups and garages are being searched through to find those elusive Spree Wales essentials - water hoses, thick cables, tents, marquees, hi-vis vests...the list is endless 😀

The weather forecast is looking amazing - thank you for your prayers! Don't forget to bring suntan lotion and hats with you to help keep you safe in the sun.

We are still looking for more Service Crew, Adult Volunteers and Gate Security helpers - please share with your friends, family and churches! Don't forget, you can earn free places for your group by sending people to help with set-up and take down - get in touch to find out more.

Looking forward to seeing you all soon,