What is Spree?

Spree Wales aims to provide a safe and secure environment for young people to develop their relationship with God, whether that’s making a first commitment or going deeper in their friendship with God.

This encounter with God is woven into “the most fun you can have on a weekend” - wall-to-wall events and activities to entertain and challenge! There’s time to meet up with old friends and make new ones - whether those running the activities, taking time-out in the café or within the talks themselves. All talks are run by speakers with established reputations. Our Service Crew (aged 16-22) are a group of amazing individuals who give up their time, energy and money (they pay for the privilege of serving!) to ensure that the weekend runs smoothly - see separate information and booking forms for more details.


Spree Wales comprises representatives of Urban Saints, Scripture Union, the Boys Brigade, Salvation Army, Show Jesus, World Horizons and Messgae Wales, along with church youth workers from South Wales. The whole weekend is designed so that you can bring your group along and enjoy the activities and events along with them. All of the activities provided are centrally run by professionals or known contributors - leaving you free to engage with your youth.

Each teaching venue will have time set aside for worship, which will be led by groups experienced in leading meetings for young people. There are several teaching streams, loosely aimed at different age groups. There are also dedicated teaching slots for the Service Crew. See our website for a detailed breakdown of the venue arrangements. NB Under 8s are welcome to attend Spree Wales but must remain with their parents at all times. As an adult, if you have any special abilities (eg football coaching, craft etc) we could use a little of your time over the weekend - see separate information and Volunteer forms for more details.


It's well known that time away from home is often used by God to bring people to himself or to move them on. Yet this is often not possible for many groups, who don’t have the time or resources to organise residential weekends. Spree Wales offers a unique residential event, to enable your youth to experience new and exciting activities and to develop (or begin!) their relationship with God. Spree Wales 2016 saw over 500 people leave Carmarthen newly refreshed in their lives, empowered by new physical and spiritual experiences. Here are some comments from those who have attended Spree Wales:

“It was lovely seeing other children who go to church.” “I learnt more about God.” “I enjoyed it very much and I now know more about God. I loved it except for the rain and the muddy grass and muddy floor.” “I think I can do more things than I could before I came.” “I loved being here. It's changed my life.” “Spree Wales has made me think differently. ” (Campers)

“I love the way God touches people in different ways and I am still seeing the fruit of those experiences in these young people’s lives now.” (Group leader)



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